Alabama Free Will Baptist State Association

P.O. Box 14

Winfield, AL 35594

205 924 9005


The Hamilton FWB Church was destroyed by a fire early Monday morning, April 18th. The worship center was a total loss and the education and office areas were heavily damaged. The detached gym/activity building was not affected.

Pastor Tommy Franks informed us that they have been flooded with offers of assistance and inquires of how to help. The church is thankful for the prayers and support of so many.

Although the structure was insured, there are and will be costs incurred by the church. If you and/or your church would like to make a contribution to assist in the expense of the reconstruction process, please send your gift to:

Hamilton FWB Church
1126 Military Street South
Hamilton, AL 35570


Alabama Free Will Baptists have a new motto and logo to help us concentrate and communicate what our association is all about.

The phrase, “Committed to the Cause of Christ”, announces our allegiance to Jesus Christ and declares our dedication to His cause. We believe Christ is to be preeminent in all things, and His will to be our priority at all times.

The logo is made up of four key elements:

Alabama – The shape of our state represents us as a statewide organization, cooperating for a common cause.

Free Will Baptists – These three words describe our identity and allude to our doctrine and distinctives.

Cross – There is no more important emblem to Christianity than the empty cross. It pictures redemption and salvation. Christ’s sacrificial death and resurrection are the key elements to the gospel message. This is what He did for us.

World – The globe reminds us of the Commission Christ gave to His church. It speaks of reconciliation and service as we go into all the world and preach the gospel. This is what we do for Him.

The message of the logo is: “At the center (heart) of Alabama Free Will Baptists is Christ; His Cross and Commission.”

Is this a cause to which you can commit? Will you find ways to connect with our association and cooperate with us as we fulfill the Great Commission?

One more thing ...whenever you see this logo (hopefully it will be often), please: Reflect on God’s grace and the gospel, Remember our state association in prayer, and Renew your commitment to the cause of Christ.